An exploratory survey of the location of "Wadi al-Kohoof", Caves Valley in Halboun

Damascus,ST- Within the vision of the Ministry of Tourism to create new tourist destinations to include them on the tourist map, the Syrian Society for Exploration and Documentation carried out an exploratory survey of the location of Wadi Al-Kohoof in Halboun, in the Damascus countryside, in order to highlight  and document the archaeological caves in it. Several activities have already been carried out in this mountainous area to determine the nature of this valley and the possibility of preparing  sites for some mountain sports.

It is worth mentioning that the hills of Halboun are one of the most exotic and exceptional natural sites that are very rich in biodiversity at the level of geological nature and the topography of the earth, in addition to the presence of important archaeological and historical sites in this area.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism - Damascus countryside Tourism Directorate had licensed / 9 / offices to organize  tourist trips and travels during  October. These tourist offices, which were scattered in many neighborhoods of Damascus, aim  at organizing tourism in all its aspects, stimulating economic life and providing job opportunities for young cadres.