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Qandil valley Enchanting beach ….. Famous honey

It’s believed that the name came from a large lamp which used to be placed as a cursor to the fishermen when approaching from the beach. It was a very large lamp which illuminates a large area of sea water and beach sand, and was placed either on the hills overlooking the village, from the side of birds mother village or on those hills that surround the area of Islam tower adjacent to the village.

Beach of Qandil valley is a beautiful place frequented by visitors to enjoy the sea water and the beauty of the mountain. It is a low spot of land which embraces some rivers as a result of the ongoing flood from Laurent dam near it, and on the northern side of it there is the sea.

And the village of "Valley of Qandil" is followed to municipality of "Zighrine" which is a simple village sparsely populated, about 25 km north of the city of Latakia. The beach of "Valley of Qandil " is distinct beach and its gold sand extends about 2 km parallel to the pine and eucalyptus trees. Scattered between the trees are popular restaurants and cafes which have maintained their simplicity and modesty.

This beach is the theme of dozens of art works and music clips. The visitor find may a lot of popular stone ovens in the village and on the edge of the river which penetrates the village. At the site, you see small buildings that are equipped to serve as chalets, restaurants and cafes for visitors.

Haifaa Mafalani