Achievement of the main and secondary wave breakers in the port of Ras al-basit in Lattakia

The main and secondary wave breakers were inaugurated today in Ras Al-Basit port in Lattakia after being expanded and rehabilitated to receive fishing and tourism boats at a cost of about two billion SP. This projects comes within the plan of expanding and developing maritime navigation services.

The project of the General Directorate of Ports provides marine protection to the port basin from waves and storms and contributes to avoid marine disasters and investment of areas in addition to opening investments and development projects in the region.

The project adds tourist dimensions to the public site in Ras al-Basit and enables the establishment of new tourism projects and investments to develop the area, which in turn will be reflected on the people and income sources.

Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud said in a statement to reporters that the two wave breakers provide more space to accommodate various types of boats, including tourist ferries, casting light on the role of Ras al-Basit port in strengthening the authority of sea ports on the Syrian maritime border.

In statements to SANA, a group of fishermen stressed the importance of the project in protecting fishing boats from the storms that occur in the region and cause many boats to crash every month.

 Chairman of the fishermen's unionist committee in Ras al-Basit Suhail Badour said that the port is currently providing full protection and accommodating more boats of various sizes which in turn will benefit the fishermen.

The inauguration was attended by the Governor of Latakia Ibrahim Khadr Al-Salem and a number of parties concerned.

Inas Abdulkareem