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Czech site: the beauty and uniqueness of the waterwheels of Hama made it a feature of human heritage

Prague,(ST)- The Czech tourism website Hedbavna Styzka confirmed that the beauty of Waterwheels of  Hama and their uniqueness have made UNESCO place it on the lists of internationally protected human and cultural heritage.

The site pointed out in a report on waterwheels that included colorful pictures of it, that the documents that were found confirm that the first of these waterwheels were designed in the seventh century AD, explaining that despite the presence of the waterwheels in different places in the Arab countries and in Spain, the best place in the world where it is possible to be amazed and marvel at the beauty of this design is in Hama on the Orontes River.

The site pointed out that the number of waterwheels in Hama was about 100, but now there are 16 waterwheels, the most unique of which is the Mamouriya waterwheel, which was built in 1361 with a diameter of 21 meters in addition to the Al-jesrea waterwheel.

The site described the noise of the waterwheels in Hama as an endless song, and whoever hears it once will definitely return again to Hama to see these Waterwheels and enjoy their beauty.


Haifaa Mafalani