Czech tourist site: Palmyra deserves the title of " jewel of the desert"

Prague,(ST)- The Czech "Travel Mag" tourist web site has published a report about the city of Palmyra, indicating that it deserves the title of The "jewel of the desert", because of its unique archaeology.

The site spoke in its report in detail about the most important landmarks of the city, especially its temples, theater and tombs, the long street, columns Street, Diocletian Camp, the Valley of the Graves and Fakhruddin Castle.

The site said ... that Palmyra constitutes "the dream of every lover of history and every traveler", pointing out that although some of its archaeology was affected by terrorism, it will be possible to restore it again so that its glory returns to it.

The site pointed out that Palmyra is registered on the list of UNESCO  Organization for Humanitarian and Cultural Heritage protected internationally indicating that Palmyra has a very rich history as it was part of the Roman Empire and an independent kingdom as well as on the Silk Road.

Haifaa Mafalani