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Syria's participation in "FITUR 2020" a message of peace from the cradle of civilization to the world

MADRID, (ST)- The international tourism trade fair, " FITUR 2020" kicked  off on Wednesday in the Spanish capital Madrid with the participation of Syria.

 The event was opened by Queen Letizya of Spain and will continue till January 26th.   

Syria is taking part in " FITUR 2020" for the third year after the terrorist war waged on it.

More than 11000 company from 165 countries and provinces are taking part in this fair.

In a statement to the Spanish official TV, Syria's Assistant Minster of Tourism Geyath al-Farrah said that "Syria's participation in the fair is a message from the Syrian people to all countries of the world declaring the end of the terrorist war the Syrians have been suffering from since 2011 and that destroyed the Syrian infrastructure and vital sectors including tourism."

 He called on Spanish economic institutions, investors and local and international tourism agencies to visit Syria in order to know the situation of tourism and investment In the country, particularly in the era of reconstruction.

On her part, Director of Aleppo Tourism, Naela Shahhoud, said Syria's participation in FITUR 2020 is a message of amity and peace from the cradle of peace and civilizations to the world, calling on the Spanish cultural and touristic institutions to visit Syria to be acquainted with its civilization and participate in its tourism and cultural activities.   

FITUR, is one of the biggest and most important annual international tourism fairs in which key tourism companies and parties from all over the world take part.

Hamda Mustafa