Cham Wings Airlines at the FITUR 2020 in Madrid

Madrid,(ST) –Cham Wings Airlines is participating in the FITUR 2020 International Tourism and Travel fair, that is taking place between the 22th and 26th of January in the Spanish capital, Madrid, within the pavilion of the Ministry of Tourism.

According to a statement by the company, “the company’s participation in the fair this year as well as last year aims at affirming Syria's presence in all local and international tourism forums and activities in order to keep Syria on the global tourism map. It also aims at enhancing the company's active role as a private national air carrier working to promote Syria’s great civilization everywhere.”

 The opening of the fair was attended by the Syrian ambassador in Madrid Samir Al Qaseer, members of the embassy, some members of the Syrian community in Spain and a group of specialists in tourism affairs.

Haifa Mafalani