Al-Zawi Waterfalls Tickling Down the Rocks

As soon as the summer arrived, lovers of mountain hiking tourism headed to al-Zawi waterfalls, in Misyaf city, Hama province. Al-Zawi waterfalls are among the most beautiful tourist sites in Syria, where you can find rivers and waterfalls, and enjoy comfort and serenity in a charming nature.

According to Researcher Nabil Ajamiya, al-Zawi waterfalls are located on the eastern slopes of the coastal mountain range in al-Zawi village - 115 km from the city of Misyaf. Greenery and pine trees, in addition to orchards of fig, pomegranate, nuts and vines, surround the village.

Ajamiya indicates that several springs feed this waterway, including al-Zawi and al-Laqbah, along with other gently flowing springs down the mountains’ slopes, ultimately forming al-Zawi waterfalls and the 5- km long river.

About the name of the village, Ajamiya explains that mounts of al-Laqbah and al-Qurayyat meet at a perpendicular angle as the waterfall and the river are placed exactly in this angle, overlooking the valley; hence the name ‘al-Zawi’ (perpendicular)is given both to the village and its waterfalls.

The researcher points out that the beauty of the village is attributed to the lavish nature and the fame of its waterfalls, which have made it a destination for sightseeing and exploratory trips. As a result of this demand from visitors, there have been many parks, restaurants and popular sitting places.

The visit is not limited only to the village of al-Zawi and its waterfalls, as some worth-seeing Roman ruins spread about the place, such as a Roman water channel for drawing the river water to al-Ghab Plain, large and small stone caves, as well as al-Mqaibrah ancient tombs that carved in rocks.

Rayan Faouri