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Deir Shmaeil ...Where Springs Equal the Number of Days in the Year

 Deir Shmaeil, is a quiet village with a beautiful unique nature where 365 springs equal to the number of days of the year stem from its fertile hillsides and flow everywhere, endowing nature with more beauty, splendor and greenness. Its magnificent castles and monuments, which depict the authenticity and deep-rooted civilization throughout ages, have increased its splendor and glory.

Ghaith Khateeb, head of the village municipality said that the village is located on the eastern chain of coastal mountains, 50 km away from the city of Hama on the western side. It is well known for its springs, the most important of which are the springs of Ain El-Joza , Ain El-Tineh, Ain El-Delb and Ain El-Abed, in addition to its enchanting view of the Deir Shmaeil Dam and the magnificent El-Ghab Plain. It is surrounded by gorgeous forests that give the locals and visitors an exceptional opportunity to relax, rest and to experience living in the enchanting nature.

Khateeb went on to say that the village’s location in the mountains and amazing view of the valleys, gives it a fascinating beauty, referring to  its archaeological importance, as it is close to Abu Qubeis Castle and Kulaib Lake, in addition to the  many archaeological sites such as Abu Qubeis Tower, Al-Zeer Stone and the ancient water mills.

He stressed that the village offers distinguished tourism services, as there are many cafeterias and restaurants along its cold  fresh springs, pointing out that the villagers depend on irrigated crops such as cotton and fruit trees including nuts, olives, berries and peaches.

Amal Farhat