Jaiboul... Discretion Of a charming location

Jaiboul is a small Syrian village located on the western end of Lattakia's Mountains in Syria, a stunning mountainous region that belongs to the Qutalbiyah side, about 16 km away from the Mediterranean, rising 600-700 meters above sea level.

Jaiboul is situated in  a beautiful and distinctive geographical location, surrounded by green mountains from three sides. The sea appears from the western side in an incredible scenic way, where you can see from any  balcony there  Lattakia, Jableh and the extended coastal plains between them,which is also famous for its walnut and oak trees.

A famous spot of one of the most bounteous water fountains in the region, called Jaiboul Spring, which flows abundantly between green landscapes, drawing magical paintings of overlapping lines of blue and green.This spring is a touristic destination for visitors of the coastal region and local inhabitants, in addition to many exploration teams.

The roots of its inhabitants date back to hundreds of years,extending to a high handed village called "Qarnhilya", from which its ancestors decided to move and settle in Jaiboul. They settled near the springs and built earthen houses close to each other as a kind of social cohesion and cooperation, stimulated by the abundance of water, and fertile arable lands.


Lama Razzouq