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Ayn Elkroom... a world of beautiful nature

Syria has a wide variety of wonderful landscapes and areas of natural beauty which form an important part of Syria’s tourism map.

 Ayn Elkroom is one of the most charming tourist destinations in the Governorate of Hama due to its nature and its high views of Al-Ghab Plain and the eastern foothills of Lattakia mountains range.

The village of Ayn Elkroom takes its name from the springs of pure water and vineyards which it is famous for.

 The head of Eyn Elkroom municipality Raif Othman Asaad told SANA that the town is characterized by its unique nature surrounded by fields from all sides and it is famous for its fertile lands of red soil, expanding in wide and gradient plains, and the Orontes River passes on its outskirts, which gives it an exquisite beauty. It is known for its pure springs the most famous of them are al-Fawar spring and Tahoona al-Halawa.

The town is affiliated to Assqilbya region and is linked to a large number of villages, so it gained its geographical importance which is considered as a connection point among several areas.

Eyn Elkroom is famous for its varied crops including wheat, beetroot, cotton, corn and anise, in addition to fruit trees such as figs, grapes, pomegranates and walnuts as the residents also depend on growing seasonal vegetables.

Rawaa Ghanam