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Tourist Diversity And The Factors Encouraging it

Tourist Investments In Syria will flourish again

Tourism is an old human trend that developed with time. Scientific advance, the development of transportation, and the hard labor of the present way of living, necessitated the development of tourism as an opportunity for relaxation, for enjoying the beauty of nature, and for enhancing the cultural awareness of the human civilizations, for satisfying an insight curiosity of knowing the traditions and habits of other peoples. We can say now that the world is living the third revolution, taking into consideration the agricultural was the first one, the industrial as the second , and the information as the newest and the fourth revolution. According to the expectations of the futurist John Yanbezt the twenty first century will be a century of three service revolutions : communications, information and traveling and tourism.

Syria is at the threshold of entering the regional race in the sector of tourism especially that it has a strategic location and unique tourist treasures things that qualify her to win the race although there are countries that occupy advanced positions in this course.

11 Investment Projects Dedicated to Homs city at the Investment Forum

Homs, (ST) - New projects have been launched within the Tourism Investment Forum which has recently been held in Tartous governorate.

Homs Tourism Director, Eng. Ahmed Akkash said that five of these projects are for the city of Homs, six other projects for Palmyra. The number of these investment projects is (62) distributed in most Syrian cities.

With regard to the places of implementation of these projects, Akash said: The first project is in Palmyra, (Suryanta Complex), which is a commercial tourist complex with its accessories; (swimming pools, playgrounds, aquarium).The project total area is about 100 dunums.

Dream Villages Project launched in Lattakia

“Lattakia’s rich history and culture, its natural diversity as well as its historic and archaeological attractions have  made the province an important tourist destination” Eng. Firas   Wardi Head of the Tourism Marketing and Promotion Department at Lattakia’s Tourism Directorate said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper..

He pointed out that the Lattakia’s tourism directorate in cooperation with the ministry of tourism and a number of concerned civil society associations exert major efforts to revitalize the province’s tourism and encourage national investment in this sector as Lattakia has many charming landscapes and a unique cultural heritage.

108 tourist facilities in the province .. Promotion of tourist areas to revive domestic and popular tourism

Homs, (ST)-"Tourism sector in the governorate is witnessing a gradual improvement thanks to the return of security and safety. Despite the difficult conditions and the high costs of reconstruction, a good recovery in this sector is recorded at the beginning of each season". Declared Eng. Ahmed Akash, Homs Tourism Director stressing that the number of tourist establishments operating in the governorate reaches 108, ranging from two to five star levels, of which 45 are in the governorate's countryside.

The return of four tourist facilities to work in Sweida after stopping for years

The Directorate of Tourism in Sweida revealed the return of four tourist establishments to work in Thahr alJabal in Sweida after stopping for years because of the terrorist war on Syria.

Head of the Directorate of tourism in Sweida Yarub Arbeed told SANA correspondent that these projects are stationed in the tourist area of Thahr alJabal, which is characterized by its charming nature, hills, fresh air and breathtaking view that make it an attractive location for resort and one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the province.